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  • Presentation

    The REGENERATE LIMIA LIFE project will implement a set of demonstrative techniques to reduce the presence of nutrients, mainly of agricultural and husbandry origin, in the water bodies of the region of A Limia.

    The main goal is to demonstrate the feasibility and efficiency of an innovative approach that integrates prevention and regeneration measures for a highly modified river system in a region with great agriculture and husbandry concentration, helping to meet the environmental objectives of the Water Framework Directive.

Secondary goals


Prove that a better environmental management of agricultural land is possible by optimizing the use of fertilizers of organic origin through an integrated control system of soil conditions. This means that it is possible to improve economic performance and minimize environmental risks.


Develop alternative solutions for the management of livestock waste and reduce their impact on the environment, investing on artificial wetlands intensive in macrophytes as a natural form of depuration. The effectiveness of this system and the proper relationship of the cost-efficiency of the applied techniques will be determined.


Prove that the environmental recovery of modified watercourses and the regeneration and reconnection of lagoon systems are viable options that help reduce eutrophication and the presence of nutrients in the water, while local ecosystems are recovered, which has a particular importance in spaces included in the Natura 2000 Network.


Improve the information among the collective of ranchers and farmers and other professionals of the agriculture and husbandry sector about fertilization and manuring issues, create awareness of the impact they have on the region’s soil and water and provide tools and guidance to facilitate a minor impact of the agricultural and husbandry activity on the environment.


Promote the expanded impact of the obtained results, both at a local and regional level, engaging all stakeholders and helping to make the LIFE+ Instrument visible; and also at a wider level inside and outside Galicia, cooperating with other actors at EU level who also seek to improve water quality and good resource management in agricultural areas.