For the integration of a new user of the system, the interested party should follow the following steps:

1. In person or by any telematic means, you must contact the Agrogandeiro Center in order to receive instructions on how to proceed to take the soil sample. In individual cases the staff of the center could move to take it personally.
2. Shipping or delivery of the ground sample to the center.
3. The interested party will be registered as a farm owner / s in the system.
4. Once the application has been processed, the interested party will receive an email with the system access keys via e-mail.
5. From there, the interested party can interact with the system as a user.


Centro Agrogandeiro-INORDE
Explanada do Pavillón de deportes s/n
32630 Xinzo de Limia
988.317.946 | 988.317.949
Openning hours
mornings 8.30 a 14.30 h (M-F)
afternoons 16.00 a 19.00 h (M-T)