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The action seeks toseeks to favour the connectivity of the Limia river, currently channeled, by recovering approximately one kilometre of the old channel in the area of As Veigas de Ponteliñares, on land belonging to the forest community of San Lorenzo, in the municipality of Rairiz de Veiga.

The pilot action zone has about 8 hectares and is included in the “A Limia” SPA, near the “Veiga de Ponteliñares” SCI; forming part of the “A Limia” Important Area for the Conservation of Birds and the Allariz Biosphere Reserve, characteristics that give it great environmental and ecological importance.

The actions will allow the permeability of the existing channeling of the Limia river’s current riverbed to its alluvial plain and the generation of new wetland areas, with the aim of taking advantage of the assimilation and nutrient fixation effects of the riparian vegetation of the recovered riverbed, in order to contribute to the reduction of nutrients coming from the agricultural region of A Limia that reach the Las Conchas reservoir, while helping to recover what in the past constituted one of the best indoor wetlands for waterfowl.


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