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The work program includes 26 actions for the preparation and implementation of an innovation as a depuration technique and several demonstrative actions, along with transversal activities for the proper monitoring, management and dissemination during and after the project.

After preparing the necessary background information and a map of the agricultural lands of the region, the Integrated Control System for the Management of Fertilizers and Manure on Agricultural Soils will be developed and implemented. Through the Agriculture and Husbandry Development Center of the Ourense Institute for Economic Development (Instituto Ourensán de Desenvolvemento Económico, INORDE) it will be used in 10 pilot plots, which will receive support during its implementation, and it will be offered as a free service extendable to other agricultural holdings.

For demonstration purposes, the treatment of pig manure wastewater will be developed through artificial wetlands intensive in macrophytes, after a previous phase of adaptation and combination of the edge technologies in the market. In this pilot experience in which ECOLAGUNAS and COREN participate, several farms will be directly benefited by this depuration system, with great potential for expansion to more farms.

The Miño-Sil Hydrographic Confederation and the Directorate-General of Nature Conservation of the Xunta de Galicia will recover and rehabilitate modified waterways to improve the retention and assimilation of nutrients, as well as the recovery and integration in the hydrological cycle of ponds in former mining sites for the extraction of sand, for their conversion into a lagoon system that enhances the depuration capacity of the stream. This, besides its effect on improving water quality, can contribute the recovery of the wet surface and the original riverbed in the area. At the same time, an environmental awareness and education plan will be launched to promote and inform about preventive measures for water pollution, especially directed to ranchers, farmers and other professionals and technicians working in the sector.

The communication and participation strategy must be emphasized, highlighting the involvement of all stakeholders and target groups of the region, as well as active measures for dissemination, retention and transfer, in collaboration with other projects and institutions.

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