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    The project LIFE REGENERA LIMIA is implementing an integrated management system of organic fertilizers and fertilizers, seeking to obtain a tool for farmers in the region of A Limia, which will allow you to manage your farm as nutrition of their crops in a more profitable way possible.

    The main objective is to understand the profitability in relation to two fundamental aspects,first, this tool is intended to optimize the supply of nutrients to different crops seeking to increase the ratio benefits / costs through possible savings in the consumption of agricultural inputs, but all without neglecting the environmental and social profitability that postulates that a better care of the environment will only increase the profits not only of our farm but also of the community in which we develop our activity.



Analysis of the soils that will allow us to know the nutritional state of the soil.


Geographically, the cultivation plots will be positioned to allow us to know the influence of the different geoclimatic factors that could exert on our crops,such as floodable areas or proximity to water channels.


The creation of a network of plots will be able to know the data for the correct adjustment of the system that allow to know through the collaborating farmers the defects and virtues of the same one.

System operation

Adjustment and control of the system