INORDE organized the “Field Day” within the Project Life Regenera Limia in its Center of Agricultural-Livestock Development of Xinzo de Limia. The objective of these days is focused, on the one hand, to make known the progress that has been made in this project, more specifically emphasizing the work developed by INORDE. This included the implementation of the integrated fertilizer and fertilizer control system, as well as the operation of the georeferenced application in the web. In another order of things, the Field Days served to inform the sector of the work that INORDE performs at the level of experimentation and agricultural research. So, in about six Hectares intended for potato cultivation trials on the Antela farm, farmers were shown experiences related to the use of commercial fertilizers, nitrogen management as a growth factor in varieties destined for industrial frit such as Agria, Fontane, Babylo , Rock, Yellow Lady … Another important block of essays is centered in the handling of the most representative variety of Galicia as it is the Kennebec; in these trials, the response of cultivate to diverse ways of cultivation, is evaluated alternating organic fertilizers with minerals or new philosophies of works such as the use of microrrizas. However, the experience that aroused most interest in the participants was the commercial varieties of potato trial; more than eighty new varieties were collected in the store, among the new varieties for the fried industry, varieties of white meat for fresh consumption, varieties with vocation of washing or varieties of skin and purple or purple meat of new introduction. These tests were complemented with a reservoir in which are conserved the three native Galician varieties better known: fine of oak, cazona and ganade. With an attendance of about 100 farmers of the Region as well as technicians of the commercial houses of phytosanitary, of fertilizers and producers of seed potatoes, INORDE consolidates the practical part of the Conferences previously held: Water Day and Fertilizer Days. With this awareness raising action, together with the Optimization of the use of fertilizers, complemented with the IT application and the Monitoring of results, INORDE has executed more than 80% of its commitments and activities in the project. The activities of INORDE in the Life Regenera Limia Project are as follows:

– Creation of the integrated system for the control of fertilizers in agricultural land, which involved an important task of collecting information based on the previous work that INORDE has been carrying out for years. to perform in the Limia and that made possible the beginning of the constitution of a map of soils of the Limia.

– Implementation of a computer application, the willingness of the interested parties, on the Internet, which provides accurate and up-to-date information on the nutritional status of their stocks; In addition, this application will allow the sending of warnings and recommendations by INORDE to the interested farmers, all with the aim of optimizing the use of fertilizers and fertilizers.

– Field trials on nitroxenated and phosphated fertilization in own herds.

– 10 farmers involved in the assignment to the project of their hoes, with which continuous and personalized contact is maintained.

– 10 pilot piles in which to peer and test the above actions.

– 100 analytical of the pilot tracks, which were performed monthly.

– 160 information meetings of the project Actions and advice to farmers.

– 80 agents trained and informed at the Water Day held at the Agicultural-Livestock Development Centre